How much does it cost to Trek to Everest Base Camp?

How much does it cost to trek to Everest base camp? This is the first question when I get quick enquire form my official website (Vertex Holiday). My short answer is always same, that is, all depend on you. Keep in mind From Budget guide to package tour there are so many way to Everest Base camp.

Guys look here, your price is depend on it

How many days do you want to trek for?

Everest Base Camp Trek can be 12 – 16 days on average. Your Trekking cost is fully depending on your Trekking days. If you customize your trips day on short time your price will be low, it means your Trekking days is main factor to change price of the trips.

Who do you buy the trek form?

Local Travel agent, International Travel agent, Online Travel group, Online Travel Agent, Country guide and Local guide, every agent have different package rate you have to Google it.

What types of trek do you want to do?

There are lots of trekking style, all inclusive package, guide only, independent? All inclusive packages are comparatively looking expensive then others, because all the cost depend on service which they provide to you.

What time of year are you planning to go?

Season price is comparatively expensive then offseason price.

Let’s deal with the biggest issue first,

Cost of booking a trek to Everest Base Camp through online

The Normal price is $ 1050-$4500 for 12-15days trek

 Normally people want to Google before trekking in Nepal. The main reason is on Google they can compare the entire price and choose best way to explore. But if you look the price on Google for Trekking and tour in Nepal there is so many price list which is higher than normal price. Nepali Travel and tour operator they want to provide all the service to your Trekking in Nepal that is why it seems like expensive. Normally the trek duration is 12-15 days and price generally include for airport pick up and drop off, TIMS Card, permit paper, round flight(ktm-luk-ktm), Guide and porter, Food during trekking etc.

 Cost of hiring independent guide and porter to Everest base camp trek

The normal price for hiring independent guide to Everest base camp trek $700-$1000 for 12-15days

This is the most popular way to trek to Everest base camp. Positive benefits of this kind of trekking style to you cheap price and easy to trek, for Travel agency, they can get small commission form your lukla flight booking and one biggest benefit is you may recommend this company later to your friend and family. Negative are you should have to arrange your own accommodation and meals during trekking, permit for trekking etc.

Cost of making your own trekking to Everest base camp trek

Here is the some details price for your individual trekking to Everest base camp

Flight ticket: KTM TO LUKLA TO KTM $320/person

TIMS (Trekking Information Management System) card and Permit fee $40/person

Cost details for accommodation to Everest base camp trek: Actually normal price for accommodation is $3-$10/night. Inside room there is just two bed and blanket. During trekking if you want to shower you will have to pay $2-$5/head.

Meals and water details during the trek to Everest base camp: All the food they should have to bring form down of Couse price will increase. Normal price for Nepali typical food DAL BHAT is $2-$5 (DAL means lentils and BHAT means rice, except this two thing they also give you pickle, curry etc.)

Guide and porter fee for Trekking to Everest base camp: Normal starting price for guide is $20-$35/per day and porter $15-$25/day and after trekking you should have to give them some money as a tip.

Travel insurance for Everest base camp trekking: Please don’t forget to make sure your travel insurance will cover or not if you need to rescue from over 5000m in Nepal Himalaya. The normal price for Rescue is $5000 in Nepal.


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