Climate and weather in Nepal

Nepal is a geographically varied country. Being a tiny landlocked country, there are three specific regions. The Himalayan region, the hilly region and the plain land (Terai) region. Climatic conditions also vary according to the regions. The Himalayan region is cold all the year. Even in the summer, the temperature can fall into minus. But the weather is clear. Himalayan views can be explored brilliantly. In winter, it's almost freezing. At night, the temperature falls below -10 degree. In the hilly regions, temperature is medium. In summer, it can go up to 30-35 degree in daytime and 15-20 degree in the nights. In winter, the temperature falls almost to 0 degrees. The Terai region is a tropical part of the country. In summer, the temperature can reach up to 40-45 degree. July and August are the rainy seasons and generally there will be floods and landslides.

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