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Birding in Nepal

the land of the world's highest peak Mount Everest, Nepal is diverse topographical and climatic conditions culture and biodiversity paradise for bird watchers. National parks and conservation areas make a large part of its territory. From the lowland jungle of the Terai region to the high Himalaya there is always something to keep you twitching.


More than 850 species of birds are already recorded in Nepal. A diverse topography and climate is the main reason to have a variety of habitats, which are home to over 10% of the World’s total bird population.


A birding tour is possible in any corner of Nepal. The green hills around Kathmandu valley especially the Godavari, Shivpuri national park, Phulchoki hill and Nagarjun are popular bird-watching areas and the Bosan village and Taudaha Lake is ideal birding route for migratory waterfowl during the Winter Season.


Here are the Top destinations of Nepal

  • Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve
  • Bardia national park
  • Chitwan national park
  • Vulture restaurant
  • Langtang National park
  • Shivapuri national park
  • Lumbini
  • Pokhara

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