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Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Plan: Vertex Holiday

Climate and environment are essential factors for a healthy and sustainable life for every living being on this planet. As a travel and trekking tour operator based in the Himalayan country of Nepal, where the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest is located, it is our responsibility to take care of the environment.

Here at Vertex Holiday, we acknowledge the fact that there’s an emergency for climate and the environment. We support the initiative taken out by Tourism Declares and Glasgow Declaration. We strongly believe that a proper climate action plan is needed in order to meet the guidelines of reducing our carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 and net zero by 2050.

As a responsible tourism service provider, Vertex Holiday is dedicated to meeting its goals by any means possible. For that purpose, we have created our Climate Action Plan accordingly, and are committed to following them thoroughly. Our climate action plan has been established incorporating five main points, i.e.  Evaluate, Minimize, Remove, Counterbalance, and Evolve.

This Action plan does not promise a quick fix solution for our carbon emission, rather it is our strategy for meeting the goals of our commitment to sustainable tourism. In order to achieve our goals, we will be adopting all these measures which will be focusing on low carbon business. We are delighted to be a part of the global effort to minimize the emission, as per the guidelines of the International Panel on Climate Change.

Table of Contents:

1.    1. Evaluate

     Evaluate the emissions from our Tours and Trekking trips

2.   2. Minimize

     Gradually minimize our overall emission

3.   3. Remove

    Remove high carbon-emitting services

4.   4. Counterbalance

     Invest and take part in activities like reforestation and plantation

5.   5. Evolve and Collaborate

      Learn and adapt greener means of services, evolving into an eco-friendly tourism provider.

1. Evaluate:

Most of our tours and trips include the activities like walking, hiking, trekking, and similar activities.  As the major source of energy in Nepal is Hydroelectricity, most of our service’s need of energy is mostly ecofriendly, covering our office and accommodation during any tour or a trip. Besides, foods during any trip are mostly locally sourced, and their carbon footprint is very minimal.

The major source of carbon emission from our tours and trips is definitely the means of transportation, which may include from a four-seater vehicle to 20+ seater bus depending on the total number of clients during the trip. Domestic Air transport including Twin otter planes and Helicopters are also major emitters.

Major carbon emissions from Vertex Holiday’s services are from transportation and fuel used to prepare foods’, thus measuring our carbon footprint is a little bit complicated. However, for every trip, we keep a recording of the “distance of driving” as well as the “amount of fuel the vehicle consumes”. Our calculations are based according to the “amount of fuel consumed” divided by the “number of passengers”, for measuring the CO2 emissions per person.

As measuring accurate CO2 emission is a rather complicated task, however, this method will provide us with an insight into our average emission data. Moreover, we will be open to any other newer means of measuring our carbon footprint, in the coming days.


2. Minimize:

As per the guidelines, we will be committed to reducing: if not minimizing our carbon emissions. Due to the COVID-19 situation, we haven’t been able to properly evaluate our emissions, as the tourism industry was almost paralyzed. However, at the end of 2022, we ensure to properly analyze all of our recorded data, of all tours and trips.

However, for the minimization of our Greenhouse Gases emissions, we are committed to taking the necessary actions. This includes customization of our trip itineraries to a point where it requires a minimal amount of carbon-emitting services like transportation. Moreover, we will prioritize the usage of newer vehicles, whose pollution tests have been timely analyzed and approved by the respective authorities


Removing carbon from the atmosphere is an essential step toward reaching our goals of net zero by 2050. As a small-scale tourism operator, we cannot promise any high-end technologies for removing carbon.

For this purpose, we will discard old and high carbon-emitting vehicles for transportation. Besides, we will promote hiking, walking, and trekking activities instead of tours that use vehicles. Furthermore, our itineraries are optimized in a way for the minimal possible emission.

However, we will be committed to cutting off high carbon-emitting services. For reference, we will prioritize hiking and trekking trips, which don’t require camping equipment where fossil fuels are mostly used for the preparation of foods.

4. Counterbalance

As a tour and trips provider, we acknowledge the fact that we require certain services which emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Such unavoidable emissions may include transportation, food, and other fossil fuel-consuming activities. For such emissions, we will incorporate traditional methods of carbon sequestration.

Since the beginning of our company in 2016, we have been actively taking part in plantation and reforestation projects organized by different governmental and non-governmental organizations. Besides being physically involved, we will be committed to involving ourselves in such activities including monetary donations to such causes.

In the coming days, we will commit our agency to organizing similar activities, in remote destinations along with the trekking and hiking trails. Moreover, we will prioritize destinations that are eco-friendly as per our commitment to responsible tourism. Besides, we will be committed to awareness campaigns in rural communities about the importance of de-carbonization.