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An exciting and enjoyable high altitude walks with a taste of local culture

Manaslu Circuit Trek Overviews:

Manaslu Circuit Trek provides Ultimate guidelines for all interested wide-world travelers, adventurers, and explorers. An adventure around Nepal Far North Mid-West Himalayas, where one can enjoy for two weeks or longer.

Located in the central part of Nepal within the district of Gorkha around the Gandaki Zone. At present known as State-4 of the country, it is a beautiful and scenic mountain destination, situated remote higher region of Gorkha.

Close to the border of Tibet / China and on the main trail to another side of Manang district. After crossing the high Larke-La Pass from the end of Manaslu Valley to the Manang region close to the route of Annapurna Circuit Trekking.

Manaslu Circuit Trekking is an exclusive adventure walking around the world’s 8th highest Mt. Manaslu and its group of peaks. Includes Bauddha and Himal Chuli with other lesser peaks above 7,000 m and below 6,000 m, around its massive range. Besides exceptional scenery and the grand vista of surrounding dramatic landscapes with white peaks, the local culture is equally impressive.

The walk follows the Budhi Gandaki River to its glacial source around High Manaslu valley. On route as walk reaches many nice hill villages with ancient traditional farm life and raising livestock.

As the trail follows much higher, the rice paddy gives away for high altitude vegetation and crops. Has amazing rows of terraces growing barley, millets, and buckwheat, the only few crops that survive on the harsh terrain. 

On reaching the higher side of Manaslu, facing constant views of high snow-capped peaks with majestic Mt. Manaslu. Staying in lovely village lodges and guest houses, as well with time to explore around to soak into local cultures.

Certainly, a great enjoyable walk Manaslu Circuit trekking is a combination of the charming traditional custom of age-old heritage. In the harmony of beautiful surrounding scenery of towering snow mountain range that follows you throughout the trek.


For the wonderful adventure Manaslu Circuit Trek, choose the best seasons of the year. The most favorable time and high seasons are spring and autumn/fall, where days are bright and sunny. Pack the right necessary gear according to the season, after booking with Vertex Holiday. As well as collect important details and information regarding the trekking with dos and don’ts. 

Be aware that the Manaslu Circuit trek falls within the Restricted Areas of Nepal, where all visitors require special permits. As the area was closed to the outside world and flung its door open from 1992 onwards. Allowing limited numbers of trekkers, after joining with Government Regisrated Companies of Nepal should be accompanied by authorized licensed guides. To run this trip all reputed trekking agencies require a minimum of 2 /of 3 people in a group. Where FIT (Free Individual Travelers) or Solo trekkers are not allowed to enter from the village Jagat onwards.

Manaslu Circuit, in the protection of MCAP (Manaslu Conservation Area Project), all trekkers need an entry ticket for this marvelous trek. As well as for ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Project). After crossing Larke-La Pass entering Manang district at Bhimthang to Dharapani onwards, located within famous Annapurna Circuit route.


For Manaslu Circuit Trek, there are two options either choosing the clockwise routes from Dharapani village around Manang areas. The most popular route is starting from Gorkha district and then ending at Manang region unto Lamjung district. The motorable road has reached to Machha-Khola beyond the early starting point of Arughat town and Soti-Khola village.

Starting the walk from Machha-Khola village, after spending an overnight completing a long drive from Kathmandu or Pokhara. The trail follows the Budi Gandaki River for some days, leaving the low sub-tropical farmland and villages. As the walk leads you to cooler hills at Jagat village, the entrance point for Restricted Area around high Manaslu Valley.

From Jagat village on an uphill trail to a nice village of Philim, and then heading to much cooler high areas. As the climb leads through Deng, Namrung villages within a lovely forest of rhododendron and pine trees. The climb leads to Budhi Gandaki River and then down and ups coming across the same river on reaching Lo-Gaon.

One of the charming villages on Manaslu Circuit, has good lodges and food menus, with excellent views of Mt. Manaslu.

From Lo-Gaon heading west past several farm villages and yak herder camps with a temporary shelter to Sama-Gaon. The main village around high Manaslu valley is located on the caravan route to the Tibet border, as well to Manaslu Base Camp.

Spending a day for acclimatization and a short hike to viewpoints and exploring the village enriched with ancient culture and custom.

After Sama-Gaon towards Larke-La Pass, on spending overnights at last village of Samdo then reaching Dharmasala. The base of Larke-La Pass is at the end of Manaslu Valley and Gorkha district, the place also called Larke Phedi. A small settlement with few simple and basic lodges for travelers and trekkers. In high and busy seasons, sometimes the trekkers have to spend overnights in a tented camp near the lodge.

Next, early morning carrying pack lunch for the long day's walk uphill to Larke-La pass. The highest spot of the adventure at 5,106 m / 16, 752 feet, rewards a spectacular panorama of a mountain range. After a tough effort and long climb to the top of Larke-La, overlooking glorious views of snow-capped peaks.

From the top, a long downhill reaches the other side of the base at Phedi and back into tree lines. On completing the toughest part of Manaslu Circuit trekking reaching a lovely settlement in Bhimthang, also called Bhimphedi.

People with more time can enjoy an extra day at Bhimthang for a great hike to the hidden Ponkar glacial lake. Offers magnificent views of Mt. Manaslu and surrounding high peaks.

Finally the long walk of two weeks or fewer ends on reaching a road-head at Dharapani village around Manang district.


On the trek, smaller villages, and temporary settlements for overnight stops have basic facilities. But with neat and clean rooms serving simple food as per the menus. Larger villages like Jagat, Lo-Gaon, Sama-Gaon and Dharapani offer good lodges with comprehensive food menus of various choices.

As for electricity power which is important and necessary to charge electronic gadgets and items. Most big villages do have hydroelectricity power, where one can use the facilities on paying some amount as per the lodge rules. Smaller villages and settlements like Dharmasala, Bhimthang, or Gho do not have proper electricity. But the lodges have solar power, which one can use for charging electronic items.

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