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Nepal among best travel destinations in the World

After two years of inactivity in the tourism industry due to the COVID situation, Nepal opened its borders for international travelers on the 24th of September. As world tourism is trying to bounce back from the devastating situation, the Himalayan country is following the footsteps of the worldwide trend. A recent article by Lonely Planet has listed Nepal among the best travel destinations in the world for 2022.

Nepal is known for the high mountain peaks including the world’s highest Mount Everest 8848m and hundreds of other lesser peaks. Snowcapped mountain peaks, green hills, glaciers, lakes, rivers, national parks, wetlands are among the major natural attractions. A country with a small land area, the elevation range of Nepal is from 60 meters to 8848 meters above sea level. This distinct geographical feature makes this land a unique travel destination, where a traveler can explore these diversities in a minimum time frame. The diverse climatic zones result in diverse biodiversity, making this Himalayan land home to a wide variety of flora and fauna including some rare and endangered species.