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Trekking In Langtang Valley

Langtang Valley Trekking; Nepal’s first Himalayan National Park was established in 1971 AD. It is situated in the central Himalayan region encompassing Rasuwa, Nuwakot, and Sindhupalchowk districts. This park covers an area of 1710 sq meters and exceeds the elevation range of 6400 meters. The summit of the Langtang Lirung 7245 m is the highest point in the park. Apart from Langtang Lirung, there are other magnificent mountain peaks that are six thousand to seven thousand meters in range. This park is also famous for several smaller peaks. They are known as trekking peaks. These peaks are called so because one can summit these peaks with just a national park permit and are below the six thousand meters range.

The southern part of receives monsoon rainfall whereas the northern part elevated above 3000 m receives snowfall. During other seasons, the region is mostly clear and sunny.  The Langtang National park has 14 diverse vegetation types, from tropical forests to alpine shrubs. The diverse climatic region allows various types of vegetation like Sal, Rhododendron, Fir, Oak, larch, and others to thrive. We can find various species of wildlife including some endangered ones in this National Park including the Red Panda. The chance of encountering these shy creatures is very slim; however, some mammals like deer, rodents, and various species of birds are common. Other species found in this park are Himalayan black bear, snow leopard, wild dog, ghoral, serow, and more than 250 species of birds.

The majority of Tamang ethnic people live in the higher region of the park. Most of them are descendent of the people who fled Tibet during the annexation of Tibet into China. Due to the similarities in the physical features with the people of Tamang ethnic people of Nepal, they have adopted the identity. The people here are mostly practitioners of Himalayan Buddhism, thus the region is full of prayer flags, Mani Walls, Chhortens, Gumba, and Stupas. In the lower region of the park is the fusion of various ethnic communities with diverse religious orientations.

Highlights of Langtang Valley Trekking

The main highlights of the region are trekking and mountaineering. Here are several mountain peaks permitted for climbing with a special royalty fee. Among them, Yala peak is the most popular climbing peak in the National park. Several other trekking peaks like Kyanjing Ri and Tserko Ri allow visitors to experience the mesmerizing mountain views with minimal gear and experience.

The Langtang Valley trek is the major trekking route in the region with options for various other side treks. This is by far the most underrated trekking destination in Nepal. This trek is full of the amazing natural beauty of the Himalayan diverse land. Which includes the mountains, hills,  forests, meadows, rivers, and streams. The trekking route is one of the most pleasant trekking routes in Nepal as the climb is gradual and the camps are shorter. In short, the reward is much higher than the effort.