Festivals and Events in Nepal

Festivals are next identity of Nepal. They celebrate seasonal festivals along with 3 major festivals. Here are some of the festivals and national events in Nepal.

Buddha Jayanti-(Birth Day of Buddha) this event falls in the full moon night of May/June to celebrate the birthday of Lord Buddha.

Janai Purnima-(Rakshya bandhan)- Full moon night (May/June). Hindu devotees put on holy thread on their wrists. Brahmin people also put on Janai (another type of holy thread that is put on body)

Gaijatra-one of the popular celebration in Kathmandu. It falls in August/September and the families who have lost their family member take part on this celebration.

Teej- It is celebrated for 3 days. The day before Teej starts is known Daar khane din (delicious feasting), the first day is Teej, when Hindu women stay fasting and enjoy dancing. The third day is known as Rishi Panchami and women celebrate it by worshipping God. It falls around August/September.

Indra Jatra-This is world renowned celebration around August/September. It is celebrated in the Kathmandu valley.

Dashain-It falls around September/October. It is the main festival of Nepal, which is celebrated for 15 days.

Tihar-the second biggest festival of Nepal, celebrated in October/November. It is celebrated for 5 days.

Maghe Sankranti

Shree Panchami

Maha Shiva Ratri

Fagun Purnima (Holi) festival of colors

Lhosar Lhosar is celebrated around February/March by three communities: Sherpa, Gurung and Tamang. They are closely connected with the Tibetan origins.

Mani Rimdu It is celebrated on the Everest region. A big celebration is held on the Tengbuche monastery.

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