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  • Amrit Nepal (唐 丹宇)

    Amrit Nepal (唐 丹宇)

    Managing Director

    “I am well named as I grew up in a small farming village where I learned both farming and the culture typical to most people of Nepal.  After completing high school in 2009, I made a search for work on Thamel St and found an entry level job with a trekking agency as a porter.  Despite the challenges of transporting heavy loads up our mountains, I had an amazing experience of happiness doing the Annapurna Circuit and reaching the famed Thorang-La Pass 5,419 meters (17,769 feet).  I enjoy being with people and thought I would like to help others experience such beauty for themselves and make many great new friends in the process.  Since that first experience as a porter I have carried many other loads up and around our beautiful mountains.  I worked on my language skills and worked up to the position of guide.  This opened up opportunities for me to lead others to experience Annapurna region treks, Everest region treks, Langtang region treks, Manaslu region treks and other Restricted region treks. As managing director for Vertex Holiday I continue to help others with their treks and tours.  Now I am able to arrange the best itineraries, guides, porters, ground transportation, meals, rooms, etc. as I have firsthand experience as guide and porter to so many of the desired places of Nepal.”

    Amrit's vision is to make Vertex Holiday the very best choice for those wanting to experience the amazing natural and cultural attractions unique to Nepal including Everest Base Camp, The Annapurna Region, other trekking routes and the many cultural attractions of our largest city and capital Kathmandu.

    Our services include trekking, tours, mountain climbing, and tours in Bhutan and Tibet. Let us know what your interests are, what level of accommodations you prefer, what physical challenges you would like or prefer to avoid, how much time you have, and we can develop an itinerary customized for you or your group that will optimize your experience and keep your costs as low as possible.

    Below you will find some reviews sharing the experiences others have had on tours led by Amrit and Vertex Holiday:Trekking in NepalTours in BhutanTours in NepalClimbing in Nepal

    I want to say “DHANYABAD”  for visiting our site and we look forward to serving your needs.

  • Lucie Sinsabaugh

    Lucie Sinsabaugh

    Marketing Manager

    I'm Lucie and I'm the Marketing Manager here at Vertex Holiday. I met Amrit in 2015 while trekking through Nepal and was impressed with his idea for a guiding company owned and operated by an experienced local guide. Now, two years later I am helping him connect with fellow adventure seekers such as yourselves.

    I am an experienced traveler as well. Born in Prague, I have had the great fortune to have traveled and explored many regions of the globe. I've pitched a tent everywhere from Europe, Australia, Africa, The Americas, and Asia! For now, I live in Oregon with my husband, but who knows where the future will take us!

    For me, adventure travel is a form of meditation. It clears my head and cleanses my soul, and allows me to meet and connect with a wide variety of people and cultures. Experiencing a part of the world where few go to is an amazing feeling and gives you an unique perspective of the world as a whole. And with Vertex Holiday, you can find that adventure and gain that perspective for yourself.

    I can answer any questions you may have about the treks and services Vertex Holiday provides and book your adventure when you're ready to go!

  • Samir Simkhada (KBS)

    Samir Simkhada (KBS)


    Currently working as a  Chinese and English  tourist  guide , I have had a  very adventurous  journey , working in the Tourism industry of Nepal. As a mountainous country ,Nepal  has been a very  busy  tourist attraction place . This  was the main reason for me to start working in this industry . After completing my high school , came to Kathmandu  looking for any entry level jobs . After trying different jobs , finally made my decision which was to become a successful Tourist Guide .But making a strong base at the begginning of my carreer  was way much  more difficult ,as  I had to start as a  porter  in various  Trekking Agencies , which has helped me in many different ways . Inspite of the hardships of transporting the luggages of the clients through the  mountainous landscapes , this has helped me become strong mentally and physically. After some years of hard work , got certified as a professional Guide. For this  I have  had to make a lot of effort in order to improve my langusge skills . I have had amazing  experiences trekking in various regions of Nepal  including  Everest Region  , Annapurna Region , Langtang , Manaslu , and many other small routes . Now I am able to Guide my clients through all the types of terrain available in Nepal , from the plains of the south which includes many National Parks to the  Mountains of the north . City tours and Sightseeing are also my field of expertise , which includes the World Heritage sites , famous cities like Pohara , Lumbini , Chitwan and so on . 

    Well I have been observing the tourism industry up close , I have been constantly evaluating the good and bad aspects of this industry . Therefore I am determined to work in this field  till the end of my life. I am determined to put my effort in such a way which will eventaully benifit me , the Tourism Industry and Our team  in a Positive way .


  • Carmen Li

    Carmen Li

    Marketing Head for China

    I am currently working with Vertex Holiday Nepal  as  Marketing  Manager  for China . As I am  Chinese myself , I basically came to Nepal in order to find new opportunities .I started a Chinese Culture Centre in Kathmandu  , where I provide Chinese language courses .On the other hand , I am responsible for all the marketing that needs to be done in China  .  I met Mr. Amrit Nepal of   Vertex Holiday  during the end of  2015 . Since the beginning of the company  I have been working with the company and the team. 

    I am willing to put my efforts on the well being of the Company and the team thats behind this Company ,


  • Ankit Sunar

    Ankit Sunar


    Mountains have been a very important part of my life , as I was born in a small village  which lies in the Annapurna Region . Coming from a family of a farmers ,  getting into this industry was a  huge step of my life .  After finishing high school in 2010  I started  trekking as a porter , which is eventually a very common process entering into this industry. After working in various Travel Agencies , after gathering some experience about the routes , I got certified as a Guide and started working with various companies  as a Guide . Since  I've been working as a freelancer , met Mr.Amrit Nepal of Vertex Holiday in 2016 and since then I have been actively working as a Trekking Guide in this Company . 

    Well I have a lot of experience regarding the harsh terrain of this Mountainous country  , as I have been roaming around various Trekking Regions of Nepal, which include Everest Region , Annapurna Region , Manaslu Region , Langtang Valley , and other minor routes .After  years of hard work and dedication now I can  work as English ,German & Chinese  Guide, 

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