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Buddhist Cultural and Historical Tour

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Package name Buddhist Cultural and Historical Tour
Duration 8
Max. elevation m
Transportation Private Vehicle
Accomodation 3*** star hotel
Starts at Kathmandu
Ends at Kathmandu
Trip route
Cost USD 750 per person


an interesting tour of the City of Temples Kathmandu:  and beyond other Buddhist pilgrimage sites’

Nepal is the birth land of Lord Gautam Buddha and his Buddhist teachings to the world. With the passage of time, Buddhism spread worldwide like a wildfire and people started adapting as per their own cultural norms and values. Hence, there are different variations of Buddhism; which include Tibetan Buddhism, Himalayan Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, Vajrayana Buddhism, and so on.

This Buddhist cultural and Historical tour incorporates monuments of the diverse Buddhist practices.  This tour starts from Kathmandu, exploring Boudhanath stupa and Swayambhunath Stupa (UNESCO listed world heritage sites), and Kapan Monastery. Apart from Buddhist monuments in and around Kathmandu, there are several Buddhist sites scattered around Nepal.

Another major destination is  Pokhara, a beautiful city on the foothills of the Annapurna mountain range. Some popular Buddhist sites in    Pokhara are World peace stupa, Matepani Gumba, Tibetan refugee camp. Another significant Buddhist site in Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha. is one of the world-renowned Buddhist pilgrimage sites in the world. Every year thousands of Buddhist devotees and other travelers visit this UNESCO world heritage site.

Buddhist Cultural Tour Overview:

Nepal the official  Birth Place of Lord Gautam Buddha: Nepal has always been known as the land of realized beings, where Prince Siddhartha Gautama of Sakya Kingdom was born in 623 BC on the full-moon day of the Baisakh: the first month of the year according to the Hindu and Buddhist Lunar calendar. It falls around the first week of May in the Gregorian calendar.

In search of Truth, he discarded the imperial life and left the palace, his wife, and his son for the search of truth. In search of the meaning of life, he started an ascetic life, and achieve Nirvana, after meditating on the shade of the Bodhi tree / Ficus Religiosa. For more than a month of 49 days or seven weeks, then finally reached enlightenment and began to teach the glory of Truth and Wisdom to his followers and disciples with famous Noble Eightfold Paths of Life: Right perspective, Right determination, Right talk, Right behavior, Right lifestyle, Right effort, Right caution, and Right Samadhi( perfect union): These are the main teachings of Buddhism and has been practiced from ancient times to till this day.

The birth spot and the palace were lost and buried along with the rubbles till Mauryan Emperor Asoka discovered it. He erected a pillar in 249 BC marking with the inscription the true site of Buddha’s birth site. Eventually, it vanished for centuries, till it was rediscovered in 1895, by a German archaeologist who unearthed the Asoka's Pillar. The inscription on the pillar and the records written by a Chinese pilgrim Fa Xian proved the world the Buddhist acclaimed site. At present Lumbini is designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997 AD, the major pride and glory of Nepal.

On the Buddhist Historical and Religious Sites Tour, visitors of various different religions can join on this interesting tour. Besides Buddhism's important places, the tour takes you to other fascinating sites that make this trip more delightful and exciting.

Buddhist Historical and Cultural Tour route:

Ideal holiday trip for all sorts of people and age groups. The tour explores Buddhist major spots including cultural, historical, and religious places, where all can spend a memorable holiday in Nepal. The tour begins in Kathmandu, the capital city and major commercial hub of the land.
A semi-modern city: still maintaining its medieval glorious old monuments, art, architecture, and medieval cultural heritage sites as they were since the past couple of hundreds ago. The sightseeing tour around the UNESCO World Heritage Sites is the major tourist highlight of Nepal.

Kathmandu and Patan offer many great monuments and shrines including cultural attractions for Buddhists and other visitors. The trip offers sightseeing of old Swayambhunath Stupa (Monkey Temple), Bouddhanath (world’s largest dome stupa), based on Buddhist ideology. Patan / Lalitpur city is known for fine arts and crafts with intricate carvings on woods and metals.

The visit extends to Pharping south of Kathmandu valley, where 7th Century great saint Padmasambhava meditated on his way to Tibet. Buddhist Historical and Cultural Tour tour continues further west to Pokhara, located on a picturesque valley decorated with natural wonders.

Shadowed by massive white snow mountain peaks of Dhawalagiri, Annapurna, and Machhapuchare(the famous Fish-Tail peak) Himalayan range and reflects on the Fewa and Begnas lakes. Pokhara is a major tourist city with mesmerizing scenery and the starting and ending point of various exciting trekking and hiking adventures around the Annapurna Himalayan region.

Pokhara offers exciting places of natural wonders, also the premier ground for several types of adventure sports including paragliding, mountain biking, mountain flights, and so on. From Pokhara tour continues heading down southwest to Lumbini the flat-land of Nepal,  Terai of sub-tropical lowland climate.  ‘The Light of Asia’ Lord Gautam Buddha's Birthplace, Lumbini is the main hub for followers of  Buddhism from all around the world.

Lumbini offers a sightseeing tour of exciting and impressive historical and religious sites of the ancient lost kingdom of the Sakya empire. Re-discovered last century, some monuments still exist like the historical Asoka Pillar, the main evidence of Buddha’s birth site. On completing Buddhist Historical and Religious Sites tour, then back to Kathmandu after a memorable and glorious time in Nepal.

Best Season for Buddhist Cultural and Historical Tour:

The best time for the Buddhist Cultural and Historical Tour is during most of the year besides the wet season, during mid-June to August, the best and high season is during spring from March to May and autumn from September to November. The Wintertime of December to February is another favorable time to explore but with much colder mornings and nights. In autumn and winter days are shorter due to fewer sunlight hours, but mid-day is warm and clear, ideal for amazing views and tours.

If you have any queries about this Buddhist Cultural Tour and other similar tours in Nepal, get in touch with Vertex Holiday. We are dedicated to providing an amazing travel experience in Nepal. 


Trip Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrive in Kathmandu (1300m), transfer to hotel.

After a long flight from respective countries, arrive at Kathmandu and Nepal’s International Airport. A representative from Vertex Holiday receives you and drives you to your hotel in the center of Kathmandu city.

At the hotel check in to your nice rooms, and get refreshed before joining in at the lobby for a group meeting and briefing. Our guide and staff provide you with necessary information and details about the tour around the places of interest.

In the evening group welcome dinner in a nice typical Nepali restaurant as an introduction to Nepalese foods, with live cultural programs of folk dance and music. 

Day 2 : Tour of Kathmandu around famous Buddhist sites

Tour begins after breakfast, our guide will pick you up at the hotel for a short drive to the old Buddhist monument at Swambhunath Stupa of more than 2,600 years old history. The place itself is an attractive spot facing views of Kathmandu city and the valley with snow peaks towards the north. Enjoy the tour of Swayambhunath located on top of a hillock, surrounded by green forest with many monkeys around.

From Swayambhunath, drive east to Bouddhanath another famous Stupa of more than 500 years old. A large dome with the mystical eyes of Lord Buddha on four cardinal sides, the area around Bouddhanath is also known as ‘Little Tibet’.


After an interesting and impressive tour head towards the adjoining city to Patan or Lalitpur, the city of intricate arts and crafts. At Patan visit the main Durbar Square Palace courtyard of the Malla Dynasty reigning from the 9th to 17th Century. At Patan tour of Mahaboudha temple dedicated to Lord Buddha, the historical constructed in the 16th Century. A replica of the Shikara model similar to the one in Bodhgaya-India, the monument is also called a temple of thousand Buddhas.

The image of Buddha is engraved in every brick of the temple, from here a drive to southern and outskirt of Kathmandu and Patan area to Pharping, a sacred site with a holy cave, here a great saint Padmasambhava of 17th Century meditated on his way to Tibet. Tranquil surroundings with an old village of Newar and Tamang tribes, visit the monastery and then drive back to the hotel. 

Day 3 : Drive to Pokhara and transfer to hotel - 06 hours.

The morning after breakfast, depart for Pokhara an exciting drive on Nepal’s main highway, as the journey led through several villages, towns, and farm areas.

Facing occasional views of snow-capped peaks as the drive follows Trisuli River till our route diverts from Mugling Bazaar heading west. 

A lovely scenic ride overlooking views of Manaslu and Annapurna Himalaya range, as the drive ends on reaching Pokhara near the beautiful Phewa Lakeside. Where most nice hotels shops, stores, and restaurants are located, on checking into your rooms. 

The rest of the afternoon is free at leisure till dinner time and preparations for the early morning tour of Sarankot high hill.

Day 4 : At Pokhara tour of Sarankot for sunrise, and at places of interest.

Rising early before breakfast, a short drive uphill to a scenic high hill of Sarankot on top at 16,000 m. A vantage viewpoint for a stunning sunrise over an array of Himalayan peaks, including Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Lamjung Himal, and Manaslu Himalayas. Besides sunrise and mountains grand vista of Pokhara city and the valley with beautiful Phewa Lake. After an exciting morning back to the hotel for breakfast, and then taking a boat across the lake. Then an hour hike up to a scenic ridge, where Peace / Shanti Stupa is located. The Buddhist pagoda stupa towers 

high at 1,100 m, above Pokhara valley and the city, facing fabulous scenery of Annapurna and Manaslu Himalaya range with majestic Machhapuchare Himal, the Fish-Tail peak. The Peace Stupa foundation was started by a Japanese saint Michidatsu Fujii with relics of Buddha idol in the year 1973. But the whole Beautiful complex was completed in the late 1990s. 

From the top head down across the lake, for another exciting tour of Pokhara natural wonders of Davis waterfall or Patale Chhago means a Hell’s falls, Davis Waterfall is situated within a nice park, witness the torrential cascading waterfalls. Close to Devis fall visit Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave, a big cave walk on steps inside the cave to a shrine of the Hindu god Lord Shiva. From here back hotel, with the rest of the afternoon free at leisure for individual activities    

Day 5 : Drive to Nepal Far South Mid-West at Lumbini - 06 hrs.

After an enjoyable time at scenic Pokhara, the morning drive heads 

down towards Nepal Far South-West around warmer climate.

An interesting overland journey past Waling, Syangja town, and Butwal town, as the drive continues on flat-land of Terai as the temperature gets warmer of sub-tropical, heading past the large town of Bhairawa then reaching our last destination at Lumbini for two overnights. 

Day 6 : Tour of Lumbini at a birth spot of Lord Buddha and historical sites.

Start the morning after a good breakfast, our local guide takes you around the spot where Lord Buddha was born and visits the most important historical and religious sites of bygone days. Amazing to know that a beautiful palace of Sakya Kingdom existed way back more than 3,000 years ago. Tour of Asoka pillar and the flame of peace with various interesting places of great interest.

After a great tour head back to the hotel with time in the afternoon for leisure walks around the streets of Rupendehi, one of the main towns within Lumbini.   

Day 7 : Drive back to Kathmandu from Lumbini-07 hours

From Lumbini a long interesting drive back to Kathmandu, on leaving the low land of Terai around Far Mid-West South Nepal. Drive follows through many towns, villages, and farmlands as well deeply forested areas that line the road in some sections of the main highway. As drive reaches the mid-hills with cooler air and then on winding uphill entering Kathmandu valley and the city. On reaching the city area transfer to your respective hotels, with your last leisure evening after an exciting drive from Lumbini. 

Day 8 : Depart Kathmandu for an international flight homeward bound

Getting ready for final departure from Kathmandu and Nepal, as per your 

international flight time, transfer to the airport for homeward bound or to 

respective countries, after an enjoyable memorable time on Buddhist Historical and Religious Sites tour with Vertex Holidays   


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