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Trip code
Duration 17
Max. elevation 4000m m
Transportation Private & Local transportation

Hotel in Kathmandu

Tea house, Camping, and Homestay during trek

Trip route
Cost USD 1,350 per person



Ganesh Himal is named after the Hindu Elephant headed god as the fourth peak resembles a trunk of an elephant. Ganesh Himal with its adjoining group peaks makes it truly an impressive bulk of mountains that can be seen from the capital Kathmandu. Situated at 70 km aerial distance North-West of Kathmandu, the highest peak Ganesh-I (7422 m) with Ganesh-II, III, and IV are the main peaks.

Ganesh Himal Trekking takes you around one of the most magnificent countries where fewer groups of foreign trekkers often venture. Now Ganesh Himal area is getting slowly popular among trekkers in quest of a new, fresh and raw Himalayan destination, due to its remoteness from mainstream trekking trails. Here one can enjoy walking off the beaten tracks, into pristine wilderness. Vertex Holiday presents this remarkable adventure Ganesh Himal Trekking for all types of visitors and age-group. The highest point is at Pansang Bhanjyang  (a pass of 3, 850 m high). The rest of the walk is moderate and adventurous around a normal altitude of the Himalayan high landscape. This makes the trekkers at ease and relaxed to enjoy the whole marvelous adventure on Ganesh Himal Trekking.

The adventure starts from Kathmandu heading towards mid-west Nepal. Arughat is a popular place and gateway to the Manaslu circuit, Tsum Valley, and Ganesh Himal trekking. Our hike heads east from Arughat crossing a bridge over Budi-Gandaki River towards rural farming villages. The climb leads above the warm valleys of Gorkha and Dhading district to reach remote and isolated villages of Khading, Tiri-Gaon, and Chalisa. The route offers cool fresh mountain air, overlooking giant peaks of Ganesh, Manaslu, and Langtang Himal and as far towards Annapurna Himalaya range.

The route goes into the complete wilderness, covered in dense pine and rhododendron forest. As the adventure progress, the climb leads to the highest point of the journey at Pansang Bhanjyang from where the overwhelming panorama of beautiful country landscapes, view of the high snow peak range of Ganesh, Manaslu, Langtang, and Annapurna can be viewed. After a fascinating time and experience around high beautiful Ganesh Himal trekking, the route heads downhill to low warm farm areas. finally our Ganesh Himal Trekking concludes at Trisuli Bazaar then we drive back to Kathmandu,


Ganesh Himal Trekking is different from other normal mainstream and popular trekking. The trekking itinerary we have set is a guide-line, which can differ some days due to the availability of safe drinking water and space for camping grounds. This trek leads to absolute mountain wilderness away from villages and human settlements for some days. There are several routes to Ganesh Himal Trekking, where one can drive to the Langtang Himal area of Rasuwa district to start the trek, the other routes being from Dhading and the Gorkha districts. Walking distance and hours mentioned can also differ, depending upon the fitness of the trekker, as well as change of designated overnight camps where needed. For this type of adventure tented camping is necessary, we will have all logistic support with excellent camping equipment with a separate kitchen unit.

This includes expert guide, field and kitchen staff with the cook, porters to carry all camping gear and foods for the whole trip. Springtime is much beautiful with wildflowers in seasonal bloom, especially the rhododendron (national flower of Nepal), with different bright colors from tall trees to the bushes. The chances of encountering wildlife are also high, as the forests in this region are home to some common species like deer, fox, porcupines, and some endangered species like Red Panda.


Trip Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrival in Kathmandu via respective airlines and transfer to hotel.

On arrival at Kathmandu-Nepal International Airport via various airlines, our guide and staff receive you for a short transfer to the heart of Kathmandu city. Where your hotel is located, after checking into your rooms, and then meet other members of the trek at the hotel lobby for briefing. Regarding the wonderful adventure to the Ganesh Himal trek. On briefing includes useful information to make your holiday in Nepal more enjoyable. Evening group welcome dinner in a lovely Nepalese Restaurant with an introduction to Nepalese culture of various parts of Nepal with folk dance and music.

Day 2 : At Kathmandu for trek preparation and tour of heritage sites.

The morning after a good breakfast, enjoy a tour of Kathmandu places of great interest where our city guide leads you with a short drive and walks to visit famous historical and religious monuments with old palaces. Most of the ancient temples, Stupas, and monasteries including royal courtyards are listed in world heritage sites in the chapter of fascinating wonders. After an enjoyable tout back to the hotel, for the final meeting and preparations for the most remarkable adventure to Ganesh Himal trekking.

Day 3 : Drive to Arughat 780 m - 05 hours journey

Vertex Holiday Ganesh Himal Trek starts with an exciting overland journey from Kathmandu heading mid-west, where a drive leads on the main busy highway of the country for some hours to Dhading area at Malekhu town. From here drive takes you to another district of Gorkha, where the journey continues on a winding rough, dirt road past farm villages and towns to reach the lower warm area around the heavily farming country to Arughat town for an overnight stop. Located on a shelf of raging Budi-Gandaki River fed from the glaciers of Manaslu and Ganesh Himal. Which is also en-route to Manaslu Circuit and Tsum valley as well towards our destination to Ganesh Himal.

Day 4 : Trek to Manbu 1,300 m - 06 hrs.

Start the first-day walk of the adventure from Arughat farm town crossing over Budi-Gandaki River to reach another side at Dhading district again, as walk leads through spread-out villages and farm fields, as climb starts to reach our first overnight stop at Manabu, a nice farm village of mixed tribes Magar, Gurung, and Tamang with some Hindu Bharamins and Chettries, an interesting place to observe the local culture of both Hindu and Buddhism religions. Our tented camp is set near the village backyard.

Day 5 : Trek to Lamo Dhunga 2,200 m - 06 hrs.

After a pleasant overnight in a tented camp, morning walk from this nice village begins on the gradual trail for a few hours and then climb to reach around smaller villages, as the walk continues heading into cool forest area to reach Dhunchet for a possible lunch stop, served and cooked by our camping cook and kitchen hands. After light lunch and a refreshing break, an afternoon climb for an hour towards Lama Dhunga for an overnight stop offers scenic views of surrounding beautiful landscapes with the distant snow mountain range.

Day 6 : Trek to Nauban Kharka 2,750 m - 06 hrs.

Morning after a good breakfast start the day heading towards lovely cool forest as well crossing few smaller streams to reach another side, and then climb starts again for some hours to reach Nuaban Kharka for overnight camping on a large grassy meadow. A small farm village facing views of Himal Chuli and Boudha Himal within Manaslu mountain range with grand massif Ganesh Himal. 

Day 7 : Trek to Yarsa via Khading 2, 570 m - 05 hrs

Enjoying first night in remote side of Dhading area, as morning climb heads up to cross over a ridge and a small pass of Nauban Bhanjyang, which takes almost an hour climb facing super views of snow-mountains. As you reach on top of Nauban Bhanjyang at 3, 090 m high. Rewards with excellent views of surrounding beautiful landscapes and high snow peaks. From here descend to a small place of Khading with views of Ganesh Himal adjoining peaks Ganesh-III and Ganesh Himal-IV. From Khading an hour descend to Yarsa for overnight camp with time to relax and enjoy the surrounding views of towering snow peaks.

Day 8 : Trek to Timila School 1,760 m at Tiri-Gaon-06 hrs.  

From Yarsa a place in the midst of nowhere with lovely forest surroundings, the morning starts with a steep climb for an hour towards a high ridge called Kupchet, and then descend leads to a small place of Lapche, cross a small stream to Kapor Gaon. The last hour of good pleasant walk reach you to Timila, a nice lovely farm village populated with Tamang the hill tribes of Central Himalaya as well around Kathmandu valley rim hills. The Tamang people practice Buddhism and ancient religion Bon, a pre-Buddhist religion. Tented camp is set on the schoolyard for overnight close to Tiri-Gaon village.

Day 9 : Trek to Chalisa 1,920 m - 05 hrs.

Morning begins walking on pleasant village path past Tiri-Gaon and then after few hours of good trek reaching at Tatopani, a lovely spot a place with ‘natural hot spring’, enjoy a refreshing dip and a bathe in the hot spring relaxing your muscles after days of steep climb and long descent.From Tatopani the hot spring, the walk continues for an hour to reach Dudari Khola, a small stream, where climb reach you to a high hill and then at Chalisa village for overnight camp, a scenic spot facing grand panorama Ganesh, Langtang, and Manaslu mountain range.

Day 10 : Trek to Marmelung Kharka 3,200 m - 06 hrs.

With time in the morning after breakfast tours of the village old and interesting monastery, treasures ancient relics, holy books with idols of Buddha and other high saints and gurus, with beautiful religious arts and painting in the main prayer hall of the monastery. After a visit of the monastery head downhill to Tipling River gorge, and then cross a bridge where the climb starts on a steep-sided hill to the top of Tipling ridge, offers another grand vista of snow-peak then walk for few hours to Marmelung Kharka for an overnight stop around a large field which is a summer pasture and grazing area for cattle.

Day 11 : Trek to Pansang Bhanjyang- La 3,850 meters - 04 hrs.

Today a short walk of the journey, as morning leads further and away from villages to reach around isolate country amidst a beautiful forest of tall rhododendron, magnolia, oaks, and pine trees.Walking on a gradual path for an hour and then climb into densely covered forest ridge at Pansang Bhanjyang-La Pass, the highest point of the adventure at 3,850 m / 12,705 feet high. From the pass enjoy a spectacular panorama of Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, and as far as Annapurna Himalaya with Langtang Himal range, after a great scenic moment then head for the overnight camp having lunch and night stop on the same spot around high Pansang-La.

Day 12 : Rest day for a short hike and explore the remote surrounding area.

A necessary spare and reserve or contingency day, as this trip is more of an exploration than normal treks around Himalaya. Where itinerary days need to be adjusted, depending upon trail condition and finding the right spot for camping with fresh-water spring or creeks around.Enjoy the leisure day and explore the unexplored pristine surroundings around Pansang Bhanjyang area, might be lucky to spot some wild-life like red-panda and mountain antelopes if lucky a snow-leopard. From the campsite enjoy close views of Ganesh and Langtang Himal with Manaslu range of peaks.

Day 13 : Trek to Rupchet 3,045 m - 06 hrs.

After a pleasant time at Pansang Bhanjyang, a scenic and lovely spot of the adventure, return walk heads to long downhill with few switchbacks from one side of the ridge to another, but worth the views of surroundings beautiful scenery. Finally, the afternoon trek leads to dramatic descend with the last climb to reach Tiru Danda on top of a ridge, and then down within rocky gullies to Rupchet for overnight camp.

Day 14 : Trek to Saline 2,500 m - 05 hrs.

Adventure slowly reaches to an end of the trek, as morning starts on a pleasant trail within a cool shade of forest surrounding. As the walk descends towards Salankhu Khola, a tributary stream of Trisuli River, then reaching a farmland and villages, as return journey continues on gentle path to reach Saline village for overnight camp on an open fields close to a village.

Day 15 : Trek to Deurali 1,540 m - 05 hrs. 

From here walk takes you to low warm farm villages into a country reaching around farm areas where rice paddy starts, and then climb to cross over a hill to reach back into farm terraces to Boldu-Gaon village. As the walk leads on winding trail with last downhill to Deurali village for last overnight camp of the adventure. 

Day 16 : Trek to Trisuli Bazaar and drive to Kathmandu - 05 hours.

Last day walk of the adventure of few hours to reach lower warm region of Nuwakott district, as route leads to heavily farm areas and then ending the final walk-on reaching Trisuli Bazaar, a large town and headquarter of the district,located on a road-head that takes you back to Kathmandu.From Trisuli Bazaar having last lunch of the trip board in a vehicle for an exciting drive on winding downhill road to reach Kathmandu, and then back to your respective hotels. Rest of the afternoon free for individual activities and shopping souvenirs.


Day 17 : Depart Nepal for international departure homeward bound.

After completing your amazing Ganesh Himal Trekking vacation in Nepal , a representative from Vertex Holiday will assist you to the Tribhuwan International Airport for your homeward departure.


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