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Trip code
Duration 16
Max. elevation 4609m m
Transportation private vehicle $ local transportation
Accomodation  3star Hotels in Kathmandu with the local lodge on treks
Starts at Dhunche
Ends at sundarijal
Trip route
Cost USD 1,000 per person



Langtang Valley and Gosainkund Trekking, take you to famous Central Himalaya adventure destinations, visiting the spectacular high country of Langtang Himal.A blend of scenic and cultural combinations, where trekkers can experience traditional village life in the harmony of pristine surroundings.Langtang Valley and Gosainkund Trekking, a perfect Himalayan holiday for all age groups with a taste of high altitude adventure. On walks elevation gains slowly and gradually, where one can get acclimatized by the time you reach the higher country. A beautiful trek around Langtang Himal of high snow-capped peaks, and the nearest mountainous range from the capital.

Langtang Valley and Gosainkund, located around Central Himalaya north of Kathmandu valley, within Langtang National Park cover an area of 1, 710 sq. km. The first Mountain National Park of Nepal was ever established in 1976, enriched with exotic flora/fauna where elusive Red Panda habitats. In springtime, the valley and high hills are covered with seasonal wildflowers in full bloom. Making the whole area of Langtang, a paradise for botanists and nature lovers, especially the rhododendron of various species. Besides the grand vista of the Himalayan range of peaks, the whole area is steeped with colorful culture of age-old heritage traditions. Interwoven with Buddhism religion, which you find equally interesting and fascinating. As you explore around various Tamang villages, on this wonderful adventure from the start to the end of this glorious journey.

Langtang and Gosainkund Trekking begins with an exciting drive from Kathmandu to reach high areas of the Rasuwa district within Langtang Himal. The walk starts from a nice village of Syabru, towards higher hills and a river gorge covered in dense alpine tree lines. As treks continue with several overnight stops on the route, then entering an open wide scenic valley at Kyanjin Gomba. Located in the heart of beautiful Langtang valley enclosed by a series of high snow mountain ranges. At Kyanjin with time to marvel the spectacular scenery, as well as for a day hike to support acclimatization. Before heading towards our next high destination at Gosainkund glacial lake, the holy pilgrimage site for all Hindu followers. From Kyanjin and Langtang valley, the adventure continues heading northeast towards other exciting highlights at holy Gosainkund. Heading on the same trail then towards the high hill village of Thulo Syabru, a moderate size Tamang village. The adventure then heads into a beautiful forest of rhododendron and pine trees to reach Sing Gomba, a small village with an old monastery. Walk from Sing Gomba, leads to climbing facing an awesome panorama of Far Western Himalayan peaks of Ganesh, Manaslu, and Annapurna range. Enter into the scene forest and then leave the tree lines behind as uphill begins all the way to reach Gosainkunda.

A glacial pond is considered a holy area, where once a year a festival is held on the rugged lake shoreline of Gosainkund. Thousands of pilgrims and devotees visit to pay homage at Gosiankund, regarded as one of many abodes of Lord Shiva. The creator of many ponds and lakes around this sacred and mystical area, where Hindu followers taka dip and bathe. Gosainkund is an alpine freshwater oligotrophic lake that means non-active, with no vegetation or water-life like fishes. The story and belief make Gosainkund, a special holy place of all Hindu as well as some Buddhist followers. After an interesting time around this scared land, then head towards the highest point of the adventure. On top Laraubinaya-La at 4, 609 m / 15, 100 ft. rewards a magnificent panorama of green landscapes with high snow peaks. Traversing from Rasuwa to enter another district of Sindhu-Palchok, around eastern ridges of Langtang Himal at Helambu country. From here onward walk leads through the lovely forest and then on the road to Kathmandu.

As route leads to the end of the adventure, heading past farm villages of Kutumsang, Gul Bhanjyang to Chisapani villages. A scenic spot perched on a high ridge above the north of Kathmandu valley's eastern rim offers a grand panorama of Himalayan peaks. From Chisapani enjoy glorious sunset and sunrise views that shine on an array of snow mountain ranges. Spending last overnight of the adventure in Chisapani, a place with several good lodges, then down to Sundarijal. From here, a short drive to your hotel in Kathmandu, after a memorable and wonderful experience on Langtang Valley and the Gosainkund trek.  


A remarkable Langtang Valley & Gosainkund trekking, where lodges on the route are simple with basic facilities, mostly with common toilets and bathe-room.But the rooms are neat and clean with a good comprehensive food menu served in a nice and warm dining room. In 2015 huge earthquake shook the whole Mid-West and Mid-Eastern region of Nepal. The Langtang area was worst affected, many large villages and settlements were badly damaged and many lives were lost of local villagers and some foreign trekkers. The area is slowly returning back to normal so that all trekkers can enjoy the minimum facilities and excellent hospitality of Langtang villagers. Trekkers with limited time if they cannot continue the whole trek, can walk back to Syabrubesi from Lama Hotel, and drive to Kathmandu.

The other options carry on trekking to Sing Gomba and walking downhill to Dhunche town, where you can catch private or public transport to reach Kathmandu. About festival in Gosainkund, held in the monsoon month of August as per Hindu Lunar calendar on auspicious time of the full moon, called ‘Janai Purnima’ a Hindu especially for menfolk, the event changing of holy thread that worn by men and boys of tender age. At this festival, Hindu devotees and pilgrims visit Gosainkund in large numbers to worship and pray to take a bath and dip in the holy lake. Belief has relinquished the sin of a thousand lifetimes, prayer and worship take place on this religious event. Hindu believes that the glacial pond was created by Lord Shiva. When he drank a lethal poison to save the earth and earthly beings, spread by the devils. Lord Shiva then with his mighty weapon a trident or Trisul struck on the ground. Desperately in need of fresh water to drink and dilute the poison that he consumed, formed into 108 ponds. At present exists fewer than a dozen ponds around this sacred place, with the main holy pond being Gosainkund.
Outline Itinerary 

    Day 01:  Arrival in Kathmandu via respective airlines and transfer to hotel.

    Day 02:  At Kathmandu for trek preparation and tour of heritage sites.

    Day 03:  Drive to Syabrubesi village 1,420 m - 06 hours.

    Day 04:  Trek to Lama Hotel 2, 380 m - 06 hours.

    Day 05:  Trek to Langtang Village 3, 480 m - 05 hours.

    Day 06:  Trek to Kyanjin Gomba 3, 870 m - 04 hours.

    Day 07:  At Kyanjin Gomba with rest day for hike and excursion.

    Day 08:  Trek back to Lama Hotel on the downhill - 07 hours.

    Day 09:  Trek to Thulo Syabru Village 1, 900 m - 06 hours.

    Day 10:  Trek to Chandanbari / Sing Gomba 3, 250 m - 05 hours.

    Day 11:  Trek to Gosainkunda 4, 380 m / 14, 370 feet - 05 hours.

    Day 12:  Trek to Ghopte 3, 440 m crossing Laraubinaya- La - 07 hours.

    Day 13:  Trek to Kutumsang 2, 440 m - 06 hours.

    Day 14:  Trek to Chisapani 2, 190 m - 07 hours.

    Day 15:  Trek to Sundarijal 1,520 m short drive to Kathmandu - 04 hours.

    Day 16: Depart Nepal for international departure homeward bound.


    Trip Itinerary

    Day 1 : Arrival in Kathmandu via respective airlines and transfer to hotel.

    On arrival at Kathmandu-Nepal International Airport via various airlines, our guide and staff receive you for a short transfer to the heart of Kathmandu city. Where your hotel is located, after checking into your rooms and then meet other members of the trek at the hotel lobby for briefing. Regarding the wonderful adventure to Langtang Valley and Gosiankund trek. On briefing includes useful information to make your holiday in Nepal more enjoyable. Evening group welcomes dinner in a lovely Nepalese Restaurant with an introduction to Nepalese culture of various parts of Nepal with folk dance and music.

    Day 2 : At Kathmandu for trek preparation and tour of heritage sites.

    The morning after good breakfast, enjoy a tour of Kathmandu places of great interest where our city guide leads you with a short drive and walks to visit famous historical and religious monuments with old palaces. Most of the ancient temples, Stupas, and monasteries including royal courtyards are listed in world heritage sites in the chapter of fascinating wonders After an enjoyable back to the hotel, for the final meeting and preparations for the most wonderful adventure to Langtang Himal and Gosainkund trekking.

    Day 3 : Drive to Syabrubesi village 1,420 m - 06 hours.

    Start early morning after a good breakfast, for an interesting drive beyond Kathmandu valley to reach high cooler Himalayan hills at Dhunche, headquarter town of Rasuwa district and entrance to Langtang National Park. From here a long descend on the zig-zag turn to reach a Syabrubesi village for an overnight stop in the best available local lodge. Herewith time to browse around the village and witness the local culture of Tamang the hill tribe of Langtang Himal range practice Buddhism and Bon sect of pre-Buddhist.

    Day 4 : Trek to Lama Hotel 2, 380 m - 06 hours.

    After a first overnight on the cool area of Langtang Himal area, the morning starts with a short walk to cross a bridge, and then climb towards a high ridge within small farm areas, as the trek continues heading past a small settlement of Bamboo to enter into a dense forest and reaching a nice open clearing where Lama Hotel situated. A place amidst tall tree lines of rhododendron, pines, oaks, and fir with some bamboo stalks, which makes a prime habitat for elusive Red Panda often seen on walks around.

    Day 5 : Trek to Langtang Village 3, 480 m - 05 hours.

    From Lama Hotel, a place with several nice small simple lodges walk starts heading into a river gorge covered in thick vegetation and tall trees following the narrow trail to reach a small lovely place in Ghoretabela.A good place for a lunch stop, within forest surroundings, where a few small lodges located. Afternoon walks into the cool shade of the forest to reach an open area at Langtang village for an overnight stop in one of its many lodges. Here you can witness a memorial of villagers and foreign trekkers who died during a big earthquake in 2015, where avalanches and landslides swept the whole village and many life.

    Day 6 : Trek to Kyanjin Gomba 3, 870 m - 04 hours.

    Spending lovely overnight stop at Langtang village, morning walk follows a path towards higher ground, with a short climb to enter a wide exposed valley of Langtang, where Kyanjin Gomba situated within a beautifully scenic location. Arriving at Kyanjin for lunch and overnight stay in one of its many good lodges overlooking grand views of surrounding snow peaks on both sides of the valley floor. The afternoon takes a short hike and relaxes marveling at the grand views of the wonderful scenery of the mountain range of Langtang Himal.

    Day 7 : At Kyanjin Gomba with rest day for hike and excursion.

    A leisure and free day for acclimatization, on this beautiful spot in Kyanjin, after breakfast enjoy a short uphill hike to Kyanjin Ri, or on top Tserko Ri at above 4,500 m high. The high ridge of both hills offers a stunning panorama of Ghengu Liru (Langtang -II 6, 571 m / 21,560 feet), Langtang Lirung (7,425 m / 23,765 feet) Kimshun (6, 745 m / 22,137 feet), and Shalbachum (6, 918 m / 22, 699 feet) to the south, the Chimsedang Lekh. That forms a ridge lined with peaks of Naya-Kanga 5,846 m and Gangchempo, Tilman's beautiful Fluted Peak. The views extend towards the east around Jugal Himal and end at Dorje Lakpa (6,980 m / 22, 929 feet). Rest of the day relax and enjoy the pleasant environment of scenic hills and valleys.


    Day 8 : Trek back to Lama Hotel on downhill - 07 hours

    Enjoying a wonderful time at Kyanjin and around Langtang valley, a long day walks to cover a long distance, but much easier on the downhill as altitude lose every hour of the walk to reach back at Lama Hotel for an overnight stop.

    Day 9 : Trek to Thulo Syabru Village 1, 900 m - 06 hours.

    From Lama Hotel walk towards a place called Bamboo a small settlement with few shops and huts that serves as lodges and Tea-House. After a short stop walk continues with a climb to reach a lovely Thulo Syabru village perched on a high ridge. Afternoon enjoys exploring around and observes the local traditional farm life of Tamang villages.


    Day 10 : Trek to Chandanbari / Sing Gomba 3, 330 m - 05 hours

    The morning starts with a steep climb heading past a few small farm settlements with some tea-house and shops. Uphill continues for few hours into a dense forest of tall rhododendron, oaks, magnolia, pines, and fir trees to reach a large grazing pastures field on a hilltop with some small tea-shops. From here onward into nice areas within tall trees walk on a pleasant trail for an hour to Sing Gompa, also known as Chandanbari, which means a place of sandalwood trees. Transfer in a nice small lodge on this small village having few good lodges and guest house, with an old monastery located on top of a village.

    Day 11 : Trek to Gosainkunda 4, 460 m - 05 hours

    A great walk today first half of the morning is pleasant with short ups and then on a gradual forest path with views of Langtang Himal range with Ganesh, Manaslu as far towards Annapurna Himalaya in the far west. After leaving the dense tall trees a climb to a small place with few houses serving as lodges and restaurants.A good place to stop for lunch, and then continue a steep climb to the top of the west ridge of Laurabina.The name means a place where pilgrims leave their walking sticks, after a visit of Gosainkunda. From the high ridge enjoy stunning views of dramatic landscapes with snow peaks. A short descend reaches you to Saraswati and Bhairab Kund ponds. Then head for a short climb to Gosainkunda around its holy glacial large pond. Here you can notice traces left behind by pilgrims during their pilgrimage and worships. A festival event of Janai Purnima held once a year takes place in the monsoon time of August, on a full moon day. Where a thousand people from all around Nepal and India visit to pray and worship Lord Shiva and the holy lake Gosainkund.Gosainkund is located in a basin surround by high rocky cliff walls and towering peaks, a place with few small simple lodges to stay for overnight.

    Day 12 : Trek to Ghopte 3, 440 m crossing Laraubinaya- La - 07 hours

    Start early morning after breakfast, as today a long walk to reach the other side of Langtang Himal range. From Gosainkunda on a gradual path walk on the shore of a pond, then climb to leads to a small Surjakund pond, as the trail winds up to Gosainkund pass or East Laurabina-La, the highest spot of the adventure at 4, 609 m / 15, 100 feet high. Standing on top of the pass festooned with prayer flags, enjoy the grand scenery of rolling green hills and snow-capped peaks, and walk downhill a long stretch to reach the base called Phedi (bottom) at about 3,694 m. A place with few teahouses for a possible lunch break. After a refreshing stop walk continues towards the east to reach around the Helambu area. Back into green vegetation’s and tree lines of junipers, rhododendron to reach Ghopte for an overnight stop in a nice small lodge, the name of the place means an overhanging rock cave.

    Day 13 : Trek to Kutumsang 2, 440 m - 06 hours.

    From Ghopte located in the middle of the trail for Helambu, Kathmandu, and Gosainkund, a morning walk into a forested area for an hour, with an hour uphill near the high hill of Tharepati which is 3, 650 m high. As our route leads to a small settlement at Mange-Goth, a wide green pasture field for grazing of local villagers' cattle. Stopping here for lunch as time permits. After Mange-Goth, a pleasant walk down into the cool forest to reach Kutumsang village for an overnight halt. An interesting farm village populated by Tamang, Sherpa, and some Hyalmo a small group of hill tribes, practice the same Tibetan Buddhism religion and culture as Tamang and Sherpa.

    Day 14 : Trek to Chisapani 2, 190 m - 07 hours.

    Spending pleasant overnight at Kutumsang, a long walk today to reach Chisapani, starting early morning on a nice winding path with few short ups and down heading past farm areas and villages to Gul-Bhanjyang a nice village, located on a ridge. After the short refreshing break continues to walk on a pleasant trail with steep ups and downhill to reach Pati Bhanjyang village. From here a short climb to an overnight stop at Chisapani, a nice small village situated on a hilltop just north of Kathmandu valley rim. Chisapani famous for striking sunrise and sunset views over a Himalayan mountain range that includes Langtang, Jugal Himal extends to Ganesh Himal-Manaslu and as far towards Annapurna Himalaya range in the west.

    Day 15 : Trek to Sundarijal 1,520 m short drive to Kathmandu - 04 hours.

    Early morning catch the stunning sunrise views that shine lights on an array of snow peaks, after breakfast our last day trek leads downhill past dense forest and farmlands, then a short climb to Burling and Chepu Bhanjyang at 2,438 m high. Where you can enjoy views of Kathmandu Valley, walk continue with long descend to Sundarijal (means a place of beautiful streams and water-falls) a lovely spot with a cool shade of forest with fresh running clear streams. After a pleasant walk with the higher side of Sundarijal then head down to a roadside at main Sundarijal town, where a short drive reaches you Kathmandu after an enjoyable and great adventure on Langtang Valley and Gosainkund Trekking. Rest of the day free at leisure for shopping souvenirs, evening farewell group dinner in a nice Nepalese restaurant with Folk culture programs as entertainment.

    Day 16 : Depart Nepal for international departure homeward bound

    Your last day in Nepal, enjoying a memorable adventure of a lifetime experience on Langtang Valley and Gosainkund Trekking, and then as a time for your international flight. Our staff transfers you to the airport for homeward bound.


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